May 2022.

With unwavering determination and a will to succeed, Limpopo local, Thakgatso Thamaga, a second year Bachelor of Commerce, Finance student at the University of Johannesburg, has big dreams and a heart filled with hope for the future. Having applied for over ten bursaries in her Matric year, she finally received a positive response from Soutpan Solar Power in 2020 and is now well on her way to getting a degree and has plans to give back.

Studying in the financial field has been an eye-opening experience for Thakgatso as she considers the course material interesting and relatable to everyday life. “As part of the degree we are taught that it’s not about how much you earn in life, but how you go about managing your finances that matters,” said Thakgatso.

Inspired by the impact the bursary has had on her and her family, Thakgatso dreams of opening an NGO one day where she can make a difference in the lives of local youth, spreading hope for the future to those in disadvantaged financial positions.

“I want to educate other youth, who find themselves in a similar situation to myself, that a lack of finances should not deter them from going after their dreams. There are so many people out there that are faced with similar situations and I want to show them that through hard work and determination you can accomplish anything,” added Thakgatso.

As one of four beneficiaries of the Soutpan Solar Power Bursary Programme this year, which is aimed at benefiting youth located within the communities surrounding Soutpan Solar Power, support for Thakgatso includes tuition fees, book allowances, travel and accommodation costs, as well as day-to-day expenses through a stipend.

Encouraged by this young student’s will to succeed, Soutpan Solar Power’s Economic Development Specialist, Harrisinah Theka concluded, “It’s youth like Thakgatso that motivate us to keep supporting our communities, and the youth who will become the future leaders of our country.”