February 2023.

Over 81% of learners attending a community Matric Centre based at Marumofase Secondary School in Indermark, are celebrating their successful 2022 Matric results. 106 keen learners dedicated extra time and effort to participate in this academic support programme, focused on assisting them achieve improved results that will enable them to further their tertiary studies, paving the way for better futures.

32 learners achieved bachelor passes; 31 diploma passes; and 23 higher certificates, whilst two learners achieved distinctions.

Matric graduate, Matotoka Timothy, who earned a distinction in Life Sciences, said, “I am happy with the upgrade of our pass rate from 71% to over 80%. I encourage the class of 2023 to work as hard as we did, this year.”

This academic programme, which was funded by Soutpan Solar Power for three years until the end of 2021, whereafter the Department of Education took over, is designed to fill gaps and supplement what educators are doing daily. It focuses on the three vital subjects of Maths, Science and English, to equip learners with academic results that will allow further tertiary studies and future careers.

Speaking to Mrs Pheeha Hlaboloa, Principal at Marumofase Secondary School about the Matric Centre programme and relationship the school has with Soutpan Solar Power overall, “We are so grateful for the support that we continue to receive from Soutpan Solar Power to make our schooling environment a better place. They have recently constructed a few enviro-loo ablution facilities here at our school, so that our learners can be taught in much better conditions.”