March 2021.

Mahlatse Reuben Malebo, who achieved 90% for Mathematics and 80% for Physical Sciences, is one of many successful matriculants who attended the Matric Centre at Marumofase Community High School, in Bochum last year. The Centre, which takes in learners from the Blouberg Municipal area, collectively produced 36 Bachelors, 34 Diplomas and 55 Higher Certificates out of the 155 cohort.

“We all worked very hard to catch-up on the schooling that we missed out on last year and are very grateful to the Centre for helping us,” commented Mahlatse Reuben Malebo, Grade 12 graduate from Marumofase Community High School.

These encouraging results are certainly not a miracle as the Grade 12s worked determinably to make up for the five months of lost classroom time. As part of a catch-up programme, learners camped at the centre to fill the gap that was created by the COVID-19 school lockdown.

“We are so proud of Mathlatse, who is without a doubt the shining star of the Matric Centre, as he leads his fellow learners who also achieved outstanding results, despite the academic hardships of 2020,” said Harrisinah Theka, Economic Development Officer for Soutpan Solar Power, who fund the Matric Centre and provided additional support in the way of food, PPE, transport and other logistical requirements to support the learners.

This academic Matric programme, which has been funded as part of Soutpan Solar Power’s Socio Economic Development programme since 2019, and is designed to fill gaps and supplement what educators are doing on a daily basis, will be funded by the Limpopo Department of Education moving forward.

“We are grateful for the opportunity granted to us by Soutpan Solar Power. We are encouraged, motivated and willing to continue with the programme on our own to allow Soutpan Solar Power to support other crucial Education programmes” said Francinah Rabothata, Maleboho East Circuit Manager, Limpopo Department of Education.
This Matric Centre provides study guides, resources and a programme that addresses gaps in essential school subjects for Matric students from the Limpopo Province. The programme is geared to focus on helping Matric learners improve their Maths, Science and English results, and has proven its worth many times over, showing that the extra effort these learners put in, pays off.

The schools that are targeted in this programme are situated in rural areas where technology and other basic equipment, such as Physical Science equipment, are not available.