March 2022.

Congratulations are in order for the 2021 Grade 12 learners who attended extra lessons at the Matric Centre at Marumofase Secondary School in Indermark, for achieving an overall pass rate of 72% in their 2021 final examinations. The Matric Centre focuses on vital STEM subjects to help Matric learners achieve improved results that will enable them to further their tertiary studies, therefore paving the way for bright futures.

One such matriculant, Pheyo Sengakana, managed to achieve an aggregate of 79,17% in her end of year exams and is currently enrolled to study medicine (MBChB) at Sefako Makgato Health Sciences University in Pretoria. She spoke of how useful the extra lessons were, which impacted her marks positively.

“Having extra lessons helped me become more focused and prioritize my studies because I didn’t have much time to engage in other activities. I want to urge the upcoming students to take advantage of this opportunity to achieve better results. Where you come from does not determine where you end up. My goal upon completing my degree in seven years’ time is to become a Psychologist,” said Pheyo.

Following the implementation of the Matric Centre in 2019, the year end results have steadily increased, with the 2020 and 2021 results remaining consistent. There were 420 students enrolled at the Centre last year achieving 72 Bachelor passes, 113 Diploma passes and 183 Higher certificate passes.

“This is a significant achievement for learners where access to resources and extra support is scarce. Seeing the learners do well motivates us to keep supporting them. We recognize the hard work they put in and we are proud of their accomplishments,” said Harrisinah Theka, Economic Development Specialist for Soutpan Solar Power, funders of this Matric Centre.

This Matric Centre programme, which has been funded as part of Soutpan Solar Power’s Socio-Economic Development programme since 2019, is an ongoing support programme designed to fill gaps and supplement what educators are doing on a daily basis. Additionally, the programme, which employs eight qualified teachers, will host a winter study camp for learners later this year.

A total of 6400 learners from different schools that fall within the Maleboho East Circuit will benefit from the programme this year, including: Dithebele Secondary School, Makama Secondary School, Malusi Secondary School, Mankgakgatla Secondary School, Maphutha Secondary School, Maromofase Secondary School, Matswake Secondary School, Ralekwalana Secondary School, Ramatema Secondary School, Raphatlha Secondary School, and Tema Secondary School.