August 2021.

Keneilwe Seane (25) from Dilaeneng in Bochum, Limpopo, has an udeniable passion for agriculture, and now has a chance to fulfil her dream, by persuing a degree with a focus on Agriculture and Agricultural Management Practices.
This mother of one, is currently in her first year of studying towards a Bachelor of Education, Senior Phase and FET degree through UNISA, with the help of a bursary, awarded by Soutpan Solar Power.

“I would love to work at an agricultural school and motivate today’s younger generation to value agriculture as a foundation in their lives. It would also make me happy to know I have impacted and motivated a young person’s life, in the agriculture area. I’m so passionate about it,” exclaimed Keneilwe Seane.

Once Keneilwe has completed her Bachelor of Education degree she will be the bearer of two degrees, the first being a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from North West University, that she completed in 2016.

Despite studying full time, she also volunteers at a local school, to gain teaching experience. Unfortunately, due to the the most recent wave of CV-19, she had to take a break, but she hopes to return once all the teachers and staff are vaccinated.

“Keneilwe’s love of teaching and agriculture are exemplary, in addition to her displaying resilliance in the face of adversity. These are strengths that our country’s youth will need to help make a real difference and achieve their career goals,” said Harrisinah Theka, Economic Development Specialist for Soutpan Solar Power.

Keneilwe is one of three beneficiaries, in the first intake, funded by the Soutpan Solar Power, which forms part of the Globeleq Scholarship Fund’s Community Bursary Programme. This programme is aimed at benefiting youth located within the communities surrounding Soutpan Solar Power and includes the areas of Ga-Mochemi Village, Germark Village, Ga-Maphoto Village, Senwabarwana (Bochum), Indermark, Avon, Gamachaba, Mohodi, Vienna Village and Driekoppies.

“Once I have completed this Degree, I’d love to work in my home town or in the Limpopo Province at large. I want to make a difference by motivating my community’s youth to study and thereby help to change mindsets by showing young people in Bochum that there are opportunities out there, if they study further,” concluded Keneilwe.